I am sure many of you can agree with me that the first sip of caffeine helps start the day right! I still remember when I use to really dislike the taste of coffee. The first time I tried coffee was at my parents and I tired a sip of just black coffee from Tims. I only had a little sip and it was nasty, the taste just lingered. It took a while for it to disappear. Since then I did not like coffee at all. That changed after a few years…

I tried a few different things to get use to the flavour of coffee. I don’t know why I wanted to like it so much. A friend gave me chocolate flavoured coffee bean candy and they weren’t bad to

o bad then another time I was on a school trip to Quebec and the hotel had coffee. We made some and I decided to dip gummy bears in it to see if it would taste any better.

I really started liking coffee when I worked at a non for profit organization as a part-time receptionist. They had maple flavoured coffee beans! I tried a little and that was the hook. There was a cafe in the same building as us that was called something different at the time but I remember at some point it was called Rita Village. The cafe changed it’s name a few times since then. Anyway, they had the Van brand which is has a bunch of different flavours for coffee. I then decided I was only going to drink flavoured coffee but that didn’t last long.

I got a full time call center position and they had a different brand of coffee but still had flavour choices. The after taste was horrible though I eventually got use to it.

One of my favour coffee brands is now Tim Hortons! I think it is because my parents get coffee from there often and my dad would bring home coffee and breakfast sandwiches sometimes on the weekends. It is now hard to go passed a Tim Horton’s and not go in.

I am really liking the lighter to medium roasts of coffee. When I am out, Tim’s is definitely a first choice for coffee unless it is a new flavour I never tried before. I basically drink coffee like someone drinks water. I really should start drinking more water no matter how satisfying coffee is.

I have questions guys! What is your caffeine fix? Don’t have a caffeine fix? Tell me…how do you stay awake when you did not get enough sleep? lol. It would be interesting to know! What is your energy booster? What is your favourite coffee brand?  Thanks to my lovely friend Ally MacDonald for modelling!


Oh and feel free to comment any coffee puns or coffee sayings with authors if you can find them. I would like to frame some of them 🙂 !

— Jacqueline Smith